Best Film Festival Submission Practices

Our third episode is the second part of our discussion of Withoutabox and FilmFreeway, the two most commonly used film festival submissions platforms. We talk about some of the best practices for using both platforms, including the importance of strong still images from your film, the dark art of writing a film synopsis, and what exactly you should put in your submission’s cover letter. Better yet, you’ll hear how these things can affect a festival programmer’s thinking.
Our conversation also covers the larger question of film submissions as a marketing exercise. We discuss the reasons that the submissions game is much like a sales process, with festival programmers (and their audiences) as customers for your product. We’ll explain the basics of the marketing elements you’ll need for festivals as well as for selling your film to general audiences, later on, laying out which assets you’ll need as well as what should be in them. From trailers to web sites to poster art, this episode runs the gamut of marketing materials you should have for your film in these early stages of its life.

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