Film Festival Hacks Podcast: Decoding WithoutaBox & Film Freeway

In this second episode we explore the essential tools of submitting to film festivals. Withoutabox and FilmFreeway are the two most prominent festival submissions platforms online. Although there are a number of prominent festivals that do not accept submissions on these submissions engines, together the sites represent the majority of film festival submissions opportunities. They are major players on the film festival scene and influence not only how festivals accept films for submissions but also how much they charge and how films are promoted.
Our overview covers the reasons filmmakers love and hate the submissions platforms, how they are viewed and used by festivals, and the ways that both Withoutaboxand FilmFreewayhave shaped the festival industry over the last 16 years. Plus we’ll talk about how the platforms help festivals grow and all about the submissions mixup that taught Alex what he has in common with Winnie from “The Wonder Years.”

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