Filmtrepreneur Side Hustles: Financial Freedom for Filmmakers

The Side Filmtrepreneur Hustle: Financial Freedom for Filmmakers

Creating multiple revenue streams for a Filmtrepreneur is key. First, you need to create side hustles that will pay for your life while you are building your other businesses; ie shooting feature films, streaming series, etc. One way Filmtrepreneurs can do that is by creating an online business. When I launched I hoped it would one day give me the financial freedom I so desperately wanted in my life. After about two and half years of hustle, IFH became my full-time passion.

Creating an online business doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. It could just be a side hustle to generate a few hundred extra bucks a month. But that side hustle can grow into your full-time hustle.

This brings me to Generation: Freedom. This documentary/training course is a great place to start your journey.

76% of Americans say money and work are the leading causes of stress. Rising rents and increasing student loan debt have pushed the national retirement to age 75 for recent graduates. In Generation Freedom, filmmakers Christopher Sakr and Michael Hall take you on a cross-country journey through the lifestyles and minds of a few ordinary people who have broken out of today’s nine-to-five prison. Some of them make millions, others make a living, but none of them work a conventional job, trading money for their most valuable asset: time.

Experts like Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income), Paula Pant (Afford Anything), and many others reveal their secrets to creating low maintenance and passive income streams-a blueprint to time, location, and financial independence-while some newcomers in the space bravely embark on walking away from their secure day jobs to better their lives, their family’s lives, and pursue their dreams.

Generation Freedom will inspire you with what happens when individuals courageously and intelligently shape their lives around an essential question:

“What would I do with my life if I didn’t have to trade time for money?”

Generation Freedom, live your dream on your own terms.

The Story Behind the Documentary

Co-founders of ShoHawk Media, Michael and Chris knew they were made for something more than the nine-to-five grind. They wanted to scale their boutique video production studio but knew it wouldn’t be easy.

As they sought out business gurus and marketing guidance to help them overcome the entrepreneurial obstacles, they wondered: where’s the movie? Where’s the movie that tells the epic journey from fear to freedom and everything it takes to go from launching a successful business?

Where are those stories? They’re here—in Generation: Freedom.

If you want to take the free video training click here.



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