How to Build a Website for Your Indie Film

Creating an Image for Your Project: Design a Website!

Most filmmakers and artist do not even think about marketing or distribution when creating a new project. This is where many projects fail. The first line of defense in creating a brand or image around your project is YOUR WEBSITE. Now how do you Design a Website? Designing a killer website for tour film is one of the most underestimated parts of the indie filmmaker’s marketing plan.

Distributors, film festivals, production companies and even the general public (who is savvier than ever these days) looks at a website as a sign of the quality of the project they are being sold. If the website sucks, then impress people get is…

“…more than likely the film or project doesn’t have great production value or good story telling and I should just move on.”

Now, I know what you’re going to say,

“But Alex I’m not a technical person and don’t have the money to hire a web designer.”

I hear you, I can’t write code if my life depended on it but I built this entire website by myself in under a week. is much more complicated your basic film site so don’t worry. I show you how I did it.

WordPress, Beaver Builder & BlueHost, the Great Equalizers.

Below is my secret sauce on how I build ALL of my websites. Quick, cheap and well designed (I hope you agree). This option has a bit more time in the learning curve but in my opinion well worth it.

If you plan to get more sophisticated with email collection, building a fan base, selling products and all-around building an online world for your company and associated projects, then the below option is the way to go.

Bluehost Hosting

I just love these guys. Their customer support, live chat, and reliability are by far the best in the industry. If you call their customer service line, they’ll walk you through the entire process. Have questions? Watch these tutorials.

WP Beaver Builder

Without this remarkable WordPress plugin, I’d still be bumping around the web trying to figure out how to put a killer website together. This plugin is a drag-and-drop addition to the WordPress infrastructure. All the reliability of WordPress and the ease of dragging and dropping to create your website. Check out our Beaver Builder Tutorials here. 

WordPress powers over 25% of ALL websites on the internet. Its plug-n-playability is remarkable.  I love its backend. Super easy, robust and elegant.   There are thousands of FREE and paid plugins you can add to your site to give you more functionality at a click of the mouse. You can choose from the over 10,000 FREE themes to give your website a pro look instantly and with NO CODING!

Click here to watch over 40 IFH tutorials to help you master WordPress.


The WordPress route is the best long-term plan. Once you understand the basics and with the AMAZING Beaver Builderdrag and drop plugin, you’d be up and running in a few weeks.

Good luck and to make sure you are always thinking about marketing your baby throughout the creative process. It’s called show business for a reason!

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