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Wakaliwood: Building a Film Industry on $200 Budget Films with Isaac Nabwana

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Imagine you were back in the early 1900s when the film industry was a newborn. People were learning and experimenting with the new technology of moving pictures.

Craftsmen were excited about discovering new ways of creating art with this powerful and amazing new technology. You would think that could never be recreated in today’s high tech world but you would be mistaken.

May I introduce you to Wakaliwood. A remarkable filmmaker by the name of Isaac Nabwana from Ramon Film Productions has created the Ugandan film industry, almost single handily without having any of the filmmaking knowledge or updated filmmaking technology.

As we get to study the giants that came before us like Orson WellesStanley KubrickMartin ScorseseDavid Fincher, and Akira Kurosawa, Isaac only had his imagination and his undeniable passion for telling stories.

Isaac is easily one of the most passionate filmmakers I’ve ever met. If you want to read his entire story and watch some remarkable documentaries on Walkaliwood, click here.

With all the opportunities and technology we in the United States take for granted, he created an entire film industry with basically string and tape. Be prepared to be inspired.

Enjoy my conversation with Isaac Nabwana.


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