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Creating Revenue Streams from Your YouTube Short Films with Luke Neumann

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Today’s guest is Filmtrepreneur Luke Neumann. Luke has taken a very interesting filmmaking path. He runs a very popular YouTube channel with over 140,000 subscribers. On his channel, you’ll see DIY film tutorials, filmmaking tips and tricks, aerial drone videos, short films and vlogs presented in 4K/UHD, 4K/60fps and 8K. What makes him a Filmtrepreneur is that he leveraged his audience and created multiple revenue streams.

First is his production services. Neumann Films is a production company located in the Pacific Northwest. He produces both narrative and travel/documentary work.

Next Sponsorships. He became a brand ambassador for Panasonic because of showcasing his use of their camera on his YouTube channel.

Next is Savage Stock, a new stock footage service that filled the niche for 8K footage.

He also created product lines that he sells to his niche audiences like royalty-free music and color grading LUTS. Luke Neumann is truly a Filmtrepreneur. We get into the weeds on how he did it, his successes and his BIG mistakes.

Enjoy my conversation with Luke Neumann.


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