FT 058: Top 10 Social Media Rules for Filmtrepreneurs

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Top 10 Social Media Rules for Filmtrepreneurs

With social media taking over the world it is more necessary than ever to use it to get the word out on yourself, your film project, or your production company. Most indie filmmakers have no idea of how to build an audience or how to use social media to promote and engage with that audience.

In this podcast, I go into great detail on each of the Top 10 Social Media Rules for Filmtrepreneurs.

  1. Honor the Platform You are On: Each platform has its unique advantages and disadvantages. 
  2. Create Native Uploads: Uploading a video to Facebook and not just post a Youtube URL is very beneficial. Facebook gives videos uploaded to the platform more reach. The same goes for images. Make sure images sizes work for each platform.
  3. Post Behind the Scenes Action: People still love seeing the filmmaking process. Don’t forget that. 
  4. Create Different Kinds of Content: Shake it up. Jump from video to pictures to character memes to interview videos. Change your content type often. 
  5. Don’t Under Estimate the Power of the Email: Build that email list!!!!!! Emails still convert 3 times more than social media.
  6. Hashtags and Harnessing Internet Trends: Why not jump on a train that already has momentum. More on this in the podcast. 
  7. Communicate with your fans: Don’t just post into the ether 
  8. Pick a Handle and Stick to It: Use the same handle across all social media platforms 
  9. Say it with words: Inspirational and funny quotes are huge on social media. Don’t always just post images. Add some fun text to stand out. 
  10. Don’t Assume People will come to your Website: Your main hub for your entire online eco-system should be your website. All forms of marketing should be to drive traffic to that site. Once there hopefully you can get an email or sell a product. On your website, you control the relationship. Not so much on Facebook. I go into great detail on this rule in the podcast. 
  11. Be Creative! Your Filmmaker for God’s Sake: Nuff said!

Take a listen to the podcast to get a full breakdown of each rule.

Most of all these rules have helped me build up my social media reach on multiple social media platforms.  Enjoy.

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