Distribber Bankrupt? How to Protect Yourself

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BONUS EPISODE: Distribber Bankrupt? How to Protect Yourself

In this episode, I update filmmakers on the emergency situation going on with the film aggregator Distribber. In last weeks episode, I spoke a bit about what is going on with this company. After that show I kept getting emails, messages, and tweets of filmmakers telling me their horror stories of no one return email, no people picking up calls, nonpayments for months and so on. I’m in the same situation with my film This is Meg.

I decided to dig deep into the problem and find out what the hell is going on. I breakdown everything I know about what is happening and give you a few ways to protect yourself and your film.

Also, their website www.distribber.comis still live but DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR FILM. They would just be taking money and not providing a service. Take a listen. I hope this helps!

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